SOPHE History Survey – Society for Public Health Education – Health Education Article

The SOPHE History Committee is identifying existing historical documents and materials from SOPHE, health education leaders, milestone events and how you are using historical information in your current position. If you have relevant historical materials or know of existing materials in a specific location, e.g., university library, the history committee wants to hear from you. Please complete this survey by Tuesday, April 30. or scan the QR code This is only a snippet of…

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The Humility of Expertise – Health Article

Ed note: Today we welcome Junaid Nabi back to the blog. For more about Junaid, please see the bottom of this post. Photo by Margarida CSilva   The following is adapted from a speech that was delivered as one of the Undaunted talks at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival. In the Spring of 2013, on a warm, sunny afternoon, I was working in a government hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a Fellow in a foreign-exchange physician program, I was training to…

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Preparing for the CHES Exam – Society for Public Health Education – Health Education Article

A student perspective The Code of Ethics of the health education profession and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing outlines responsibilities that health education specialists have to the public, employers, and the profession. As a PhD student in health education, with a M.S. in health education and behavior and a CHES®, I feel a sense of responsibility to promote the profession and work with future health education specialists during their journey of becoming CHES® certified and working in the…

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