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3 Quick Work Lunches | JSHealth by Jessica Sepel – Health Article

I am all about quick and wholesome work lunches that can support your body and energy levels throughout the afternoon. Having a nutritionally balanced lunch can also reduce the afternoon slump and sugar cravings. Here are my favourite options below that require very little cooking and prep time. You can actually prep most of the ingredients the night before and they can all be assembled at work. Enjoy. Wraps Wraps have been all the rage in the JSHealth office as…

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A Love Note From Jess This Valentine’s Day – Health Article

<!– Sign up to my weekly newsletter — Valentine’s Day tends to be very focused on couples, romantic gestures and a whole lot of red roses! My wish is for there to be a day each year that focuses on the importance of loving ourselves. You don’t need a lover to feel the love. I have said it for years; the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship and the foundation of a healthy life. So, it is very important to make…

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My 3 Favourite Nut-Free Snacks – Health Article

<!– Sign up to my weekly newsletter — Personally, I have always been a snacker. It helps keep my energy levels stable, keeps me focused and prevents overeating at later meals.  I’ve put together 3 of my favourite nut-free snacks. Nut-free, portable options because I know that not everyone tolerates nuts. Many schools and workplaces are also now nut-free zones! Here are 3 options that I am loving right now:  Capsicum Boats  Looking for a new alternative to veggie sticks?…

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