Duncan Selbie Friday Message

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 7 June 2019 – Health Article

Dear everyone New Chief Medical Officer and Deputy It is a pleasure to warmly welcome Professor Chris Whitty’s appointment as the next Chief Medical Officer to succeed Dame Professor Sally Davies. Chris blends a career of science, medicine and public health and we look forward to working with him in furthering the protection and improvement of the nation’s health. Also this week came the news of PHE’s Dr Jenny Harries appointment as Deputy Chief Medical Officer taking up post in…

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Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 31 May 2019 – Health Article

Dear everyone Taking tobacco out of the NHS Every day thousands of people are being admitted to hospital because of smoking-related conditions, with one in four hospital beds occupied by a smoker. It cannot be right that it is more acceptable to smoke at the front door of some hospitals than it is outside a pub. Today on World No Tobacco Day, results of a new PHE survey have been published, showing that more NHS Trusts are smokefree than ever…

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Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 24 May 2019 – Health Article

Dear everyone The importance of two MMR doses New data published today tells us that in the first quarter of 2019 there were 231 confirmed cases of measles and 795 confirmed cases of mumps in England. For measles this figure is slightly lower compared to the same quarter last year, whereas for mumps there has been a significant increase. While the risk of these infections to the public generally remains low, this is a reminder that vaccination is the most…

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Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 17 May 2019 – Health Article

Dear everyone Health as a balance sheet asset, not a cost The forthcoming Green Paper on Prevention is a fabulous opportunity to further the economic case for investing in prevention as the arbiter of wealth creation. We know that health begets wealth and securing the health of the people is a UK investment in our economic future, rather than a cost to be borne. This of course has relevance to the NHS in avoiding future costs but is even more…

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Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 8 February 2019 – Health Article

Dear everyone The flu season is well underway and is mainly the H1N1pdm09 strain circulating at the moment which is covered by this season’s vaccine. While coverage in the over 65s is slightly down, uptake rates for children have increased and by adding an extra school year an additional 350,000 children have been vaccinated. Not only does this protect the children being vaccinated but we know it provides additional protection for those around them, including those more vulnerable to flu…

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