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Johnson and Johnson’s “Landmark” Opioid Settlement, or Just Another Chapter in the Story of Corporate Management’s Impunity? – Health Article

Introduction: our Chronic Narcotics Problem Narcotic addiction has plagued human societies for hundreds of years. [Print, 1880, opium den, London] So as I have written before, after seeing too many dire results of narcotic addiction during my training and early career, I was dismayed how narcotics were pushed as the treatment of choice for chronic pain in the 1990s, with the predictable result that the US was once again engulfed in an epidemic of narcotic abuse.  In the last few…

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Health Care Renewal: Circular Logic – Health Article

We have actually managed to go for three months without posting on the revolving door. Since then, however, we have accumulated a sufficient number of relevant cases to post another round up. The Old School Outgoing Revolving Door Let us begin with cases of the old fashioned outgoing revolving door, that is, of people leaving leadership positions in governmental bodies which regulate health care or make health care policy, then soon obtaining jobs in the health care industry, particularly organizations…

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The Mysteries Surrounding Rhodes Pharmaceuticals, the Sackler Family’s Second Opioid Company – Health Article

 Mysteries still abound in the not so wonderful world of health care dysfunction, so, quick, the game’s afoot… Today’s mysteries involve beneficial ownership.  Beneficial ownership questions are important to anti-corruption campaigners.  Beneficial ownership simply refers to “anyone who enjoys the benefits of ownership of a security or property, without being on the record as being the owner.” (per Wikipedia). Concealing who really owns a company enables concealing sources of funds (as in money laundering), market power (when the owner also…

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