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The Safe Way to Get Ink When You Have Diabetes – Health Education Article

Nothing is keeping someone with diabetes from getting a tattoo. And if you’re thinking about a medical tattoo, you’re taking a great step to ensure proper care in case of emergency. There was a time when tattoos were something only sailors, bikers, and other hard-livin’ rebels inked into their skin. Now 1 in 5 people have at least one—tattoos aren’t taboo anymore. But can someone with diabetes get one? Of course! And if you’re thinking about getting a medical alert…

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Your Fall Tune-Up List – Health Education Article

Forget January—the fall is a great time to focus on your goals and recommit to your health. The reinvigorating cooler weather and changing leaves are great motivation to get outside and get moving, especially now that the humidity of summer is gone. It’s also a great time to check in with diabetes self-management, so make sure everything is on track before the craziness of the holidays. Is your A1C where you want it to be? How are your blood pressure…

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