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Getting answers from a chatbot: Empowering patients through artificial intelligence – Health Article

Last year, I posted about Alexa being able used to access complex health information. Microsoft, on the other hand, has taken a different approach to the use of a chatbot/AI for healthcare. Instead of the chatbot being able to access your health record, why not have it answer routine questions patients have prior to an appointment? With this goal in mind, Microsoft has created the Microsoft Healthcare Bot, which is a service that allows healthcare organizations to streamline their processes,…

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CES 2019 – Healthcare innovations to look out for – Health Article

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual event that attracts over 180,000 attendees each year, showcasing the most cutting edge, revolutionary technology imaginable. Of interest to readers of PHP however, will be the Digital Health Summit, which focuses on how technology can revolutionize healthcare and wellness. In fact, healthcare has become so ingrained in CES, that attendees can now earn CME (continuing medical education) credits for some of the sessions. I’ve highlighted a few of these innovations below; it…

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The planetary diet: How humans need to eat to sustain a population of 10 billion – Health Article

We’re reaching a breaking point as a species, with our population growth rapidly outstripping what the Earth is capable of supporting. UN population estimates state that, in the last fifty years, our population has gone from 3.7 billion to 7.8 billion; and in the next fifty, it will increase to a whopping 10.6 billion people. However, concomitantly with this population change, has been a change in our diets. Globally, we have shifted to unhealthy foods that are high in calories,…

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