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Common Health Issues for Women Over 55 March 12, 2019 Age is relative – to a point. And, by that, we mean that no matter how young you feel mentally, emotionally and even physically – the human body cannot defy the aging process. While healthy diet and regular exercise are essential to living a long and healthy life, we’re increasingly aware genetics and environmental factors play integral roles in an individual’s health, including the diseases or conditions you’ll develop as…

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Survey highlights desire for involvement in Alzheimer’s trials, early detection – Health Article

About Liz Seegert Liz Seegert (@lseegert), is AHCJ’s topic editor on aging. Her work has appeared in, Journal of Active Aging, Cancer Today, Kaiser Health News, the Connecticut Health I-Team and other outlets. She is a senior fellow at the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at George Washington University and co-produces the HealthCetera podcast. Would you want to know if you were at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, although it’s incurable and treatment options are limited? Most people…

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The long-term effects of concussion in sport – Health Education Article

Concussion in sport is an issue that’s hit the headlines with increasing frequency over the last few years, but how much do we really know about the long-term effects of head injuries? What do we know so far? In short, the answer is ‘very little’. While we may recognize the short-term symptoms of a concussion, not much is known about the long-term impact of either concussions or sub-concussive head impacts (for example, when heading a football). Recent years have seen…

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