A Prescription for Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategies In 2019 – Health Article

Feb12 A Prescription for Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategies In 2019 By Brian Wells, chief technology officer, Merlin International. Brian Wells I hope healthcare organizations delivered lots of TUMS and Advil to their beleaguered cybersecurity teams as a holiday bonus in 2018 – and maybe even a masseuse! With an overload of alerts, attacks and system compromises, it’s safe to say that working in a security operations center (SOC) can take both a mental and physical toll: From 2010 to 2017,…

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Erik Decker on Cybersecurity as a Shared Responsibility – Health Article

Erik Decker, Chief Security and Privacy Officer, University of Chicago Medicine A few weeks ago, HHS released the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP): Managing Threats and Protecting Patients, a set of guidelines designed to help organizations of all types and sizes more effectively safeguard data. Though it was developed in response to a mandate set forth by the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 Section 405(d), the document that was born out of a two-year effort from more than 150 cybersecurity and…

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