Anupam Goel on Health IT & Behavioral Health – Health Article

CHIO, UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services (Former VP of Clinical Information, Advocate Health Care) Last month, JAMA published an editorial by Emanuel and Wachter arguing that changing the behavior of patients and providers is more important than refining predictive analytics with artificial intelligence. Technologically sophisticated users may gravitate to digital technologies, but that doesn’t translate into lower healthcare costs or healthier populations. The ongoing investments in digital health seem to focus on mobile applications and data analytics, yet our health care expenditures continue to rise without…

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CMIO Dirk Stanley on Defining ‘Clinical’ – Health Article

Dirk Stanley, MD, CMIO, UConn Health For this post, I thought I’d tackle an interesting question: What does the word “clinical” mean, exactly? This is an interesting challenge. When people hear the word clinical, they usually think of someone taking care of a patient, usually in scrubs, often with a stethoscope around their neck. While that may be true, it’s also an incomplete definition. There is more to the story. What about people who don’t wear scrubs, like social workers, case managers and registration, who all have a great deal to do with clinical…

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CIO Michael Saad on the Mind-Muscle Connection – Health Article

Michael Saad, VP & CIO, University of Tennessee Medical Center In Part 1 of this blog, I covered the first three parallels I observed between my fitness journey and leadership. This post will focus on the remaining four lessons I have learned. The power of progressive overload. When running, biking, weight training or performing any other fitness activity, it is important to start slow and incrementally build off of your progress from week to week. Using weight training as an example,…

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Judy Kirby Offers 15 Tips for Job Seekers – Health Article

Judy Kirby, President & Executive IT Recruiter, Kirby Partners With mergers and acquisitions becoming the norm in healthcare, it’s more important than ever that organizations are filling leadership roles with the best available talent. This was covered in the previous post. Here, we’ll talk about how individuals can position themselves as effectively as possible for coveted roles. Insights For Job Seekers Your resume is the most important piece of paper you’ll ever own. Keep it easily accessible, up to date, and…

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Chuck Christian on Privacy – Health Article

Chuck Christian, VP, Technology & Engagement, Indiana Health Information Exchange I don’t seem to be able to get through a morning’s reading without seeing one or more instance of a data breach; information being either locked up by ransomware or removed/copied by the thousands and sometimes, tens of thousands of records. Having spent a good portion of my career with one area of my responsibilities being that of the security officer for the various organizations I’ve served, it concerns me…

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John Mason on Selling to CIOs – Health Article

John T. Mason, SVP & CIO, Quorum Health A couple of years ago, I wrote a post entitled “So You Want To Sell To The CIO?” and it turned out to be one of the most read, and commented articles I have written. Two years on, the same rules still apply; hopefully this was informative and helped a few folks who are in the business of selling new opportunities. Because of the interest in that article, and the annual HIMSS…

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