Can I Exercise Early In My Pregnancy? | Women’s Health Kansas CityWomen’s Health Associates – Health Article

Can I Exercise Early In My Pregnancy? January 22, 2019 Finding out you’re pregnant causes some major shifts in terms of lifestyle choices and perspective, and it can feel as if all you want to do is lay down and play it safe to protect the developing fetus. Experts agree, however, that regular moderate exercise is not only safe – it’s essential for most pregnant women to enjoy a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. Talk to your OB about your…

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C-Section Recovery | Women’s Health Associates Kansas CityWomen’s Health Associates – Health Article

C-Section Recovery February 22, 2019 There are several reasons why we recommend prioritizing a vaginal birth over a C-section if you have the choice. One of them is that while considered “routine,” C-sections are major abdominal surgeries and they require the same post-operative recovery treatment as any other invasive, abdominal or pelvic surgery. However, in this case, you’re recovering from surgery at the same time as adjusting to life with a newborn and in your home. That’s a tough order,…

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One family, two miracles | Health Beat – Health Article

David Spaulding meets his great-great-grandson Grayson David Fandrich. As Grayson entered the world, David was fighting to survive a near-fatal heart attack. (Chris Clark | Spectrum Health Beat) On their way home from the hospital, Grayson’s parents brought their newborn boy to David’s room. “You did a really good job,” David told Grayson’s mom, Kristin. (Chris Clark | Spectrum Health Beat) David’s great-grandson, Zach Fandrich, learned about the heart attack during his fiancee Kristin Lattin’s labor. Zach’s emotions fluctuated between…

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