chia seeds

9 Chia Seeds Health Benefits and Frequently Asked Questions – Health Education Article

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest food on the planet as they are loaded with an ample amount of nutrients of all types which carry a huge number of health benefits for people of all ages. The chia seeds health benefits are so remarkable that the food companies are using this essential ingredient in almost all food products that you add in your shopping cart such as puddings, bread, drinks, bar, etc. Chia seeds are the rich source of…

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Chia Berry Blast Smoothie – Unconditionally Nourished – Health Article

In collaboration with Atlas Biomed. Now you all know that I’m a green smoothie girl, but every once in awhile I like to change things up and experiment.  I just love this smoothie, it’s so creamy that has the texture of a milkshake and if you love berries then I know that you will love it too.  A few weeks ago I decided to make a frozen berry smoothie bowl for breakfast and promised myself that I would share the recipe…

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