Prehypertension Increases Risk Of Stroke (STUDY) – Health Education Article

According to experts, individuals with prehypertension have got a 55 % greater risk of having a future stroke than those without. Prehypertension is a clinical class formed by experts in 2003 to identify people whose blood pressure was raised, yet still regarded as inside normal range. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a huge risk factor for heart disease as well as strokes, but a lot less is known regarding the health threat of prehypertension, that is classified by a…

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Epicatechin In Dark Chocolate Enhances Skeletal Muscle Function – Health Blog – Health Education Article

A study has revealed that individuals having advanced heart failure as well as diabetes type 2 exhibited improvements in mitochondrial structure following 3 months of consuming dark chocolate bars and epicatechin (a flavonoid present in dark chocolate) enriched cocoa.[1] The research studied 5 profoundly ill individuals having serious damage to skeletal muscle mitochondria, the components responsible for the majority of the energy generated in cells. Their “fuel cells” were dysfunctional on account of both diabetes type 2 and heart failure,…

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Is Vaping Bad For You? – Health Blog – Health Article

According to a study, inhaling the liquid used for flavoring electronic cigarettes can increase cardiovascular disease risk, and that vaping e-cigarettes isn’t a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The effect that the e-liquids have on the endothelial cells lining the interior of blood vessels, which play an important role in cardiovascular health, was investigated. It was discovered that laboratory grown endothelial cells exposed to the e-liquids, as well as blood collected from users soon after vaping e-cigarettes, are less…

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Are Walnuts Good For Blood Pressure? – Health Blog – Health Article

According to a study, one of the benefits of eating walnuts is the lowering of blood pressure in individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease when combined with a low saturated fat diet. The randomized, controlled trial looked at the effects of replacing some of the saturated fats in individuals’ diets with walnuts. It was revealed that they had lower central blood pressure when they ate whole walnuts every day combined with a lower overall amount of saturated fat.[1] Central blood…

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The fitter ticker | Health Beat – Health Article

A few sensible bouts of jogging each week can help build a healthier system, reducing the likelihood of developing heart problems. (For Spectrum Health Beat) Even a slight improvement in your heart and lung fitness could reduce your risk of a heart attack, a new study reveals. Between 2006 and 2008, researchers assessed the cardiorespiratory—heart and lung—fitness of just over 4,500 men and women in Norway. None had heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer and most were considered at…

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