What Is Low Carb Flu, or Keto Flu? And Ways to Beat It – Health Education Article

Over the first few days (up to two weeks) of eating low-carb, you may run into some frustration. Where is all of this energy I’m supposed to have? Why do I want to mow through that bag of chips right now? Am I coming down with a cold? For some people, the transition from burning glucose to burning fat comes with unwanted symptoms that range from slightly uncomfortable to miserable. This transition period is known as keto flu, or low-carb…

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Do carbs make you fat? The trainer’s opinion – Health Article

Do carbs make you fat or not? Personal trainer and nutritional therapist Terry Fairclough sets the record straight on good, bad and ugly carbs Carbohydrates always receive bad press. I often hear people say they are ‘cutting out carbs’, as though it will be the magic cure-all for their weight problems. For some people carbs may be the problem, but it’s far more likely that they aren’t losing weight for a plethora of other reasons. Carbs aren’t only found in…

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Foods to Avoid When Suffering from Diabetes – Health Article

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be managed by eating a healthful and balanced diet. Uncontrolled, diabetes may lead to serious consequences like heart disease, kidney disease, blindness among others. Eating the wrong food can raise blood sugar and insulin levels and promote inflammation, which may increase the risk of the disease. However, having diabetes doesn’t mean you avoid certain foods completely. You can eat most foods, but eat some of them in smaller portions. This article will guide…

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