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Experts Opinion on Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer {What you need to know} – Health Article

Chemotherapy is a powerful treatment that involves taking medications to damage cancerous cells. The goal is to prevent these cells from dividing and multiplying, chemotherapy for breast cancer has been the option of many. However, this article will be under listing the opinions of experts as to the benefits if there is, risks and side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer. Breast cancer remains a common and devastating disease amongst women that affects approximately 180,000 women in a specific geographical…

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Breast center marketing pitch via reporter’s live-streamed mammogram was a bad idea – Health Article

November 5, 2019 Posted By Gary Schwitzer is founder & publisher of  He has written many times about breast cancer screening and treatment controversies.  He once produced breast cancer decision-making videos for the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, which was the first funder of from 2005-2013. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over for another year.  But it’s not too late to reflect on, and learn from, one of the most troublesome breast center marketing ideas in recent…

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Theranos redux? Not really. But claim of a ‘simple’ test for breast cancer warrants scrutiny – Health Article

Once again the lure of a “simple” test has made headlines. This time the catalyst was a news release issued by the UK’s National Cancer Research Institute. Its title: “Simple blood test for early detection of breast cancer.” In fact, no such test exists. As the body of the PR news release acknowledged, it’s an idea based on preliminary research. Yet a spate of optimistic headlines appeared. New blood test could detect breast cancer 5 years before symptoms, announced the…

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