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Dream Big! Older Adults Stand to Benefit from Visualization Meditation – Health Article

For many of us, the thought of meditation is pretty intimidating. Even just focusing on our breathing while we sit quietly can feel challenging. Racing thoughts and never-ending to-do lists steal our peace, start to take over and make true meditation feel impossible. This is where the power of visualization meditation comes in. It’s one of the best meditation techniques for beginners, because you don’t need to learn any new skills or techniques to try it. Essentially, all you need…

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3 Effective Exercises to Strengthen Your Core Muscles – Health Article

Your core muscles are more than just your abdominals. And training your core gets you more than just a lean midsection. Your core is most of the muscles that aren’t your arms and legs. This includes your low- and mid-back, hips, pelvis and glutes. It acts as the link between your upper body and lower body, provides stability for your spine, and controls your balance. Research shows that older adults with strong core muscles have better functional performance, better balance…

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