Healthcare Economist named a Top 100 economics blog – Healthcare Economist – Health Article

The Healthcare Economist was once again named as one of the top 100 economics blogs by Intelligent Economist. In fact, this blog was list first in the “Sub-field Economic Blogs” category (clearly my sub-field is healthcare). Thanks to all my readers and to Intelligent Economist for the award. This is only a snippet of a Health Article written by Jason Shafrin Read Full Article

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Spiritual Wellness. What does it mean to have it? – Health Article

Spiritual Wellness. What does it mean to have it? What exactly is it? And who can help inspire and influence you in a positive way, daily? For many, spirituality is sometimes hard to define. We can’t touch it or hold it, and sometimes it just doesn’t seem tangible. Wellness in its spiritual format is fast becoming a regular terminology in many westerners’ lives. No longer is this just a buzz word for people who are looked up to and respected…

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Health Care Renewal: Return of the Anechoic Effect – Health Article

Introduction: Blogging About Taboo Topics in Health Care We started Health Care Renewal in 2004 to discuss the causes of health care dysfunction that rarely were mentioned in polite conversation at the time.  When we started Health Care Renewal, such issues as suppression and manipulation of research, and health care professionals’ conflicts of interests rarely appeared in the media or in medical and health care scholarly literature.  While these issues are now more often publicly discussed, many other topics, such…

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