A Prescription for Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategies In 2019 – Health Article

Feb12 A Prescription for Better Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategies In 2019 By Brian Wells, chief technology officer, Merlin International. Brian Wells I hope healthcare organizations delivered lots of TUMS and Advil to their beleaguered cybersecurity teams as a holiday bonus in 2018 – and maybe even a masseuse! With an overload of alerts, attacks and system compromises, it’s safe to say that working in a security operations center (SOC) can take both a mental and physical toll: From 2010 to 2017,…

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Vendors team to enable secure sharing of medical images – Health Article

Two blockchain technology companies are working with the Medical Diagnostic Web to create a new platform for maintaining, sharing and securing medical imaging. The three entities aim to develop an infrastructure that enables secure sharing of patient data and medical images, such as X-rays and CT scans, for interpretation. Medical Diagnostic Web (MDW) executives say their existing platform is the first radiology blockchain platform designed to connect all players in the medical imaging sphere to create a marketplace for image…

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Blockchain pilots expected to show results in specific use cases – Health Article

Several pilot projects using blockchain technology in healthcare are expected to wrap up in 2019, expected to show demonstrable results in commonsense use cases. Those demonstration projects could prove the value of the technology to the healthcare industry is solving vexing information coordination problems, such as ascertaining the accuracy of data in provider directories and facilitating provider credentialing, says David Houlding, principal healthcare lead for Microsoft. Speaking at a blockchain symposium Monday at the annual conference of the Healthcare Information…

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