Why You Shouldn’t Induce Labor Too Early – Health Article

Physicians are inducing labor earlier and earlier. Is this a good idea? Learn why you shouldn’t induce labor too early. By Danielle, contributing writer Nearly every woman birthing in the United States has to worry about her birth provider pushing her into induction. After nine months of poking and prodding, 38 weeks comes along, and although it is normal for the baby to go yet another four weeks, the provider starts getting antsy about delivery and wants to induce labor.…

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How to Handle Cord Prolapse – Health Article

By Danielle, Contributing writer A prolapsed cord occurs when the baby’s umbilical cord falls into the vagina, with or beyond the presenting part of baby’s body. This can constrict the cord, decreasing or even cutting off the flow of blood and oxygen to baby. This normally occurs following a woman’s water breaking, and the head comes down onto the cervix, squishing the cord. A breech presentation may not prove to be an issue. With a cord prolapse, a small portion…

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