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Anupam Goel on Health IT & Behavioral Health – Health Article

CHIO, UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services (Former VP of Clinical Information, Advocate Health Care) Last month, JAMA published an editorial by Emanuel and Wachter arguing that changing the behavior of patients and providers is more important than refining predictive analytics with artificial intelligence. Technologically sophisticated users may gravitate to digital technologies, but that doesn’t translate into lower healthcare costs or healthier populations. The ongoing investments in digital health seem to focus on mobile applications and data analytics, yet our health care expenditures continue to rise without…

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Tough Conversations – Teens Opening Up About Their Health – Health Education Article

Memes. Texts. Gifs. While teens keep things light with friends, studies show they want to know more about important topics that can affect their overall adult health but are reluctant to talk with parents present. Just when teens are exploring their interests and boundaries, an open relationship with their physician could be a roadmap to health success. “Teens are developing cognitively, emotionally and socially. They are learning about themselves and how to make decisions,” said Ashley McClary, MD, pediatrician with…

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Beer before wine? Wine before beer? – Harvard Health Blog – Health Education Article

Apparently, this is an important question for people hoping to avoid hangovers — at least, it was important enough that researchers have published a study about it. And we may now have an answer. Researchers enrolled 90 adults between the ages of 19 and 40, randomly assigning them to one of three groups: Group 1 drank beer until their breath alcohol level was at least .05%, then drank wine until it was at least .11%. That’s well over the limit…

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Spring Slump? Don’t Ignore Your Mental Well-being – Health Article

Just when most people feel energized because it is spring, others want to pull the covers over their heads. Seasonal change can be harder on those with anxiety and depression. Speaking with your primary care physician can be a first step in feeling better. “Often patients dismiss their earliest suspicions of depression or anxiety,” said Jesse Pace, DO, a family practice physician with Mission Family Medicine Glenwood. “Patients usually come in because they aren’t sleeping or are feeling irritable.” People…

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In the health care world, it is now commonly accepted that genes contribute less than half of the influence on peoples’ health status. Other issues play starring roles in overall well-being, including environmental factors, health care services, and social determinants of health (SDOH). These inputs include education, personal economics (like job security and financial stability), physical built environments (think: transportation access, safe and healthy housing), food and nutrition, and access to health care. At HIMSS17, I gave a talk in…

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