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Stop Getting Injured at the Gym! How to Prevent Common Workout Injuries – Health Article

Go to any gym this time of year and it’ll be packed full of people working hard to get that bikini body. Working out is excellent and should be incorporated into daily routine. It doesn’t just help us look good, but it helps us feel good too. Exercise is a great stress-reliever, it can help battle mental health issues, reduce the risk of major illness, improve sleep quality and energy and overall help us lead happier lives! But radically increasing…

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Consider These Postures To Keep Your Back Pain Away – Keep Healthy Living – Health Education Article

It won’t be difficult to say that every 8 out of ten people among us must have complained about back pain at some point in life. The reasons for this may be countless, like an injury or an accident, a stiffed back muscle after being woken up or an imbalanced body posture. Not many of us believe bad body posture as one of the crucial reasons for chronic or severe back pain but rest assure you will be amazed to…

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Is It Normal? Postpartum Edition – Health Article

If you thought pregnancy was riddled with questions about what’s normal and what’s not, just wait until after you give birth! There are some common things women experience after the birth of their sweet babies, but which of them are normal postpartum and which are not? Prolonged Bleeding All women go through a period of postpartum bleeding once their new baby arrives. Usually, women will have somewhat heaving bleeding for the first few days, then it tapers off from a…

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