Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl – Nutrition Pair – Health Education Article

Research tells us that people who eat breakfast have more mental clarity and energy AND can better control their weight and blood sugar levels. Here is a quick grab and go breakfast idea that is full of nutrition.  Greek yogurt provides protein, calcium and probiotics (people who consume milk and yogurt better control their blood pressure as shown in the DASH diet studies). The fruit provides more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.  Nuts  contain unsaturated fat which can help you better…

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Okra & Tomatoes – Nutrition Pair – Health Education Article

This Okra & Tomatoes recipe is so easy and so delicious! We live in the South and most people here prefer to have their okra fried and have usually not eaten it cooked any other way. Here is a healthy, delicious alternative that we often share with our clients.  Okra is a low calorie vegetable high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B-Complex & Folate. One surprising benefit of okra is found in the phytochemical, mucilage, which aids digestion and helps…

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