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The latest on vaping and e-cigarettes…. – Health Education Article

September 20, 2019 Vaping is a huge issue, in school communities, and in the news. The November issue of Choices Magazine features a story on how the makers of JUUL’s- the most popular brand of e-cigarettes- and all of the tricks they used to introduce nicotine addiction to a whole new generation of teens. Read the article online here: What Juul is Hiding This is only a snippet of a Health Education Article written by als Read Full Article

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Vaping advocacy activity | The Health Teacher – Health Education Article

September 26, 2019 *Stickers designed by Jennifer, Grade 8 Hey 8th graders! You’re going to try and combat all of the tricks used by JUULs on social media by creating a genius campaign of your own. After reading this article from the (upcoming!) November issue of Choices Magazine, What JUUL’s Hiding, you’re going to get to work creating a clever message- either with a social media post, laptop sticker, infographic, any other method- to let your friends know about the real…

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