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BRUTALLY Honest Tyent Water Ionizer Review – Health Article

This Tyent Water Ionizer review will take a closer look at this popular machine and decide if it’s worth it or not. Alkaline water is trending now more than ever, but why is alkaline water so impressive? Well many people believe that a high level of acidity in the body is the cause of chronic illness and serves as a breeding ground for unhealthiness. The idea is that eating high alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water restores acidity and neutralizes…

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Buying an Alkaline Water Filter? AVOID These Common MISTAKES. – Health Article

Alkaline water filter machines have received a lot of press lately. There are lots of information highlighting some impressive health benefits of alkaline water. This includes everything from losing weight to curing cancer. Is there any truth to this? Especially when alkaline water machines can cost up to $4000 USD. Aside from the magnificent health claims alkaline water has lots of raving fans. You only have to look at the reviews on places like Amazon to see how happy people…

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What Exactly is Hexagonal or Structured Water and Is It A SCAM? – Health Article

Before discussing structured water, let’s go back to the basics. When it comes to human survival, water is still the highest on the list. This is ordinary, clean mineral drinking water. As you know, water is a substance that gives life and that we should all be putting into our body every day for the best health outcomes. Without water, chronic dehydration sets in (especially in hot weather) and we would be dead in a week. Some living organisms are…

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